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7 Reasons Productions has a full catalog of projects in various production stages.


7 Reasons Productions' scripted series will bring heavy thought provoking, deep soul stirring and raucous laughter inducing content to the viewer base.
  • "On The Ropes" :                                     A dramedy that follows an unlikely boxing prodigy struggling to survive the drama of a highly dysfunctional family while chasing success in and out of the ring with a little help from a dead man.
  • "Thin Lines" :                                          A drama that offers an intimate view of the lives lived, mistakes made and lessons learned by six members of a law firm who push the dangerous boundaries of hypocrisy and double standards as they cross the thin line between bending the law and breaking the law.
  • "CopyMasters" :                                      A comedy that explores the life and times of a first-generation rich kid who narrowly escapes blowing his inheritance, while chasing sex and fame in Hollywood, and manages to revive a dead career and dwindling bank account by managing a hilarious group of celebrity impersonators who often need to be reminded that they are not the rich and famous people they portray, no matter how much they may look or sound like them.

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The 7 Reasons Productions animation department has projects currently in development that will delight young and mature audiences alike. 

  • "The Smarty Pants" :                              An animated series that ties in elements of humor, music, art and education as a diverse group of child geniuses support the tactical operations of a secret agent, who is much more James Buffoon than James Bond, after he is tasked with thwarting the wicked plans of a diabolical mad genius who loves his "binky".

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7 Reasons Productions' reality series will breathe fresh air into the reality genre with meaningful content that will appeal to a varied demographic. 

  • "The Queen Of Beats" :                      The days of "Hey, Mister DJ" and the "Boys Only Club" on the beat making scene are over, so make room for The Queen of Beats as she scratches, mixes and produces her way to the top while enduring fierce competition as a part of a relentless crew of 12 rising female producers who are all out to prove they're a musical force to be reckoned with and deserve to wear the crown by competing to take home a $100,000 cash prize and the coveted opportunity to have their beat utilized in a major marketing campaign.
  • "Interview Of A Lifetime" :                  A rags to riches story, where a competition gathers together diverse personalities, who remind the high-profile success story mentors panel of their past struggles before striking it big, in order to offer the ultimate mentoring experience. In the end of it all, the one mentee that stands out above all the rest and aces their "Interview of a Lifetime" will walk away with a new career (including a guaranteed 1st year salary of $100,000) and a new lease on life.

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