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Telling All The Right Stories In All The Right Ways

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“ 7 Reasons Productions is how I offer a strong voice and clear vision for artists looking to bring their concepts to life. I transform projects from being just a dream into a reality and find a way to share the art that lives in a creative’s heart, mind and soul with the world. The gift of storytelling is sacred, and it’s my honor to tell all the right stories in all the right ways. ”

           LEAH "LQ" QUEEN

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Leah Queen is the Founder and CEO of 7 Reasons Productions. Through 7 Reasons Productions, Leah can ensure that she is "telling all the right stories in all the right ways". 7 Reasons Productions partners with entertainment industry leaders to produce quality television, film, and digital media for distribution across all platforms. As a masterful storyteller who owns colorful, dynamic, beautiful and painful personal, professional and cultural experiences from all over the world Leah possesses an unparalleled passion for bringing engaging stories, visual content and news to large audiences.


As a writer, Leah Queen brings a unique, graphic and naturally gifted voice to the table. Always on a mission to engage the heart, mind and humor of her audience, Leah is known for guiding projects from inception to completion and bringing complex, dynamic and thoughtful concepts to life. Leah Queen has been personally guided by entertainment industry greats such as comedic veterans, Eddie Griffin and the late Charlie Murphy; actor and director, Michael Jai White; award-winning director and producer, Ken Whittingham; and legendary writers, directors and producers, Stan Lathan and the late, great John Singleton while also studying and participating in master classes and workshops put on by television powerhouses, Shonda Rhimes, Jenji Kohan and Jen Grisanti. Veteran television and film industry executives, John Singleton and Stan Lathan have hailed Leah Queen as “the next generation of real talent behind the camera in Hollywood”. Leah Queen continues to work tirelessly on her catalog of original projects which include scripted and reality/competition-based series, animated shows for children, television movies and feature films.


After writing a spec script for a CBS television series that earned her praise and recognition from industry insiders, Leah Queen was recommended to various television writers’ programs by Beth Schacter, an accomplished writer, director, and producer of film and television who most recently played a major creative role in the hit shows “Quantico” (ABC),  “SEAL Team” (CBS) and "Soundtrack" (Netflix). While making her professional rounds in Los Angeles and New York Leah Queen's relentless work ethic and genuine personality allowed her to gain the attention, respect and friendship of some of television and film's greatest talents. Gary Lennon, showrunner/executive producer of "Power" (Starz) and writer/creator of "Euphoria" (HBO), Zack Stentz, writer of "Thor" (Marvel) and "X-Men: First Class" (20th Century Fox) and Darren Grant, director of Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Woman", Lena Waithe's "The Chi" (Showtime) and "Queen of The South" (USA)  are just a few of the highly esteemed industry stars that Leah Queen has been honored to learn from and be supported by.

Leah Queen’s career pursuits and personal ambitions aim directly towards her joining the elite ranks of female television writers and showrunners, where she will be able to showcase her own brand of authentic creativity while generating opportunities for others to do the same.

Leah Queen is here; opening the doors of opportunity, paving the way for philanthropic activity and telling stories that are meaningful for all audiences. Prepare to be endlessly inspired as you learn more about the truly amazing 

Leah Queen and 7 Reasons Productions!

About 7 Reasons Productions

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